Murph Monday – 3.15.21

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Every body Showed up, Ran a Mile.  Did Murph stuff, Ran another mile. Drank water coffee and beer afterwards.
Moleskin was about “Just showing up is not enough”
For my Moleskin I thought I would share with you something I struggle with.  In my family life, and my work life,  I get sucked into this state where I kind fool myself into thinking that “Just showing up is enough” I’m always there for my work, I’m always there for my family.  I leave virtually zero time for my friends, and even less for my self.  And I think because I don’t leave any time for my friends and self.  That I am some kind of righteous human being.  Like look at me, I work my ass of in a demanding job so I can provide for my family, then after that done every day I spend the remaining hours of the day and the entire weekend With my family.  And I am so holy and good because I sacrifice my precious time for work and family.  That should be enough right.  I show up for work everyday and I show up for family every day.  Right?
And for f3.  The first f.  Fitness.   If you just show up, (or post up)  showing up if that's all you do IS ENOUGH.  because the high impact men that show up with you at the same time and place.  Pretty much force you to be effective if you just show up.
I don’t think just showing up is enough. In the other Fs
I’ve heard a lot of you the past 3 weeks mention. Not only  Being Present,but also and more importantly Being intentional…….l with the time we spend with other people, our kids, wives, co workers and friends.  Hearing you guys say that has resonated with me.  I caught myself “clocking in” for family time and not really giving them my while heart, attention, and mind.  I was present, but I wasn't really there.  We don’t want to look up at 80 years old if we make it that far, and realize we just showed up the whole time and our life just went bye bye.
So got online and googled “showing up is not enough”  I’m a big reader of Google.
The First Website
John Gorman
I didn't get into the 2nd and 3rd research website while out there on account of time.  The second one speaks to the fact that sometimes when we're just “Clocking in” that we don't take the time to recognize that the system we're in is part of why we aren't getting anywhere.
2Nd Website:
The 3rd website : Something from this whole other country
Author: Izelle
Prayer Requests:
@Fertile Myrtle – Healing, felt like he has had a lot of attacks lately on his quest personally and business wise, but lately it feels like its getting a lot better and stuff is hopefully coming together.
@Milkshake and @fancyfeast are going out of town for trips.  Said they will find the f3 in Orlando and post up everyday without fail.  But pray for same travels.
@Dipstick 's neighbor's son has struggled with strokes and health problems, prayers for continued healing
Shield Lock – @Pancreas
Convergence coming up and if anyone wants to join @Heidi for some Nolensville Beat Down's let him know.

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