Murph Monday – 12.20.21

Presents for everyone

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Disclaimer of F3 credo
Pledge of allegiance
No Warmorama today we need our blood move fast and warm our body, we did the Murph like
100 pull-ups
No breaks on sets, you chose how to start and do t move to the next exercise until you complete the task.

Jan-10th at the #ao-murphmonday @Three’s Company will host the Marine Corps training come challenge yourself.
Christmas is this Saturday and Armory still on @Hot Mic (Tribute) is on Q.
@Sully mom for health and whole family to support
@Chowdah – Community Outreach To connect better with his M and pray more together.
All the HIM’s traveling for safety
JOY & Anger
“The heart knows his own bitterness and no outsider shares in its joy”
There is not joy in anger and we transmit that, if you hold a bad moment people around you feel it, always talk about the situation that makes you feel that way to release the anger the frustration the sadness.
But if your heart is happy it's easy to share that happiness with others.
Shine yourself with JOY and transmit that within your family your neighbor the brotherhood.
Enjoy this week, remember we will be full of Grace and JOY  celebrating our lord Jesus Amen.
Thank you for committing today and remember #WeDominantethegloom
@Jalisco out 

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