Murph Monday – 12.07.2020

7 HIM awoke like sleeping giants for the Murph that will live in infamy (thank you @Cosmo and President Roosevelt) on the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2020.
@Tiny Dancer @Cosmo @Three’s Company @Dizzy Gillespie @Foosball @pokemon @Pancreas
General warmarama
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 Merkins
300 Squats
1 mile run
Fastest time: @Foosball with “33 minutes and something”. Way to push!
Kudos to @Dizzy Gillespie for coming out into the cold and pushing through sets of Cindy even though his foot/leg was bothering him
Props to @pokemon for coming back for his second Murph Monday!
@Three’s Company on Q at Fort Pain this week
@Tiny Dancer on Q at Armory on Saturday
2nd F gathering at Sully's property on Friday, 12/11 at 7pm. BYO beverages, chair, fire starting materials, etc.
Pancreas is opening up the next few Murph Mondays for anyone who would like to guest Q and put together a quasi-Murph, like the Loredo-Murph hybrid we did a while ago. Let it be known if you accept the challenge
Pancreas also revealed the F3SH 2020 #morecore Challenge, to which the PAX reacted aversely and then Pancreas stepped on his own eyeglasses on the ground. Thankfully @Cosmo called attention and kept Pancreas from completely crushing the glasses. However, by this point COT was crushed and Murph Monday ended in an abrupt and anticlimactic fashion. Oh well, moving on.
@Three’s Company's sister in law, Danielle for anxiety and other struggles
@Tiny Dancer: Pray for healing of Levi, a toddler recently found unconscious, and Franz who was paralyzed in a skiing accident
Mike Fennema: praise God that he has some movement in his legs but still has further recovery. Prayers for him and family
@Chowdah 's family as they deal with COVID and school. Prayers for healing for his M.
@Lone Star and @Rudolph: healing from their injuries. Surgery for Rudy coming up.
@Heidi on quarantine and healing for his brother
@Three’s Company's coworker Pam Pearson, who lost her daughter in an accident. Prayers for the family.
Prayers for the family of the nurse who was recently murdered while driving on interstate 40
@2Buck 's oldest son and family as they continue to adjust to TN, new schools, churches, etc. Peace and guidance for their family.
12/7/20 marks the 79th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack. We dedicated this MURPH to the men and women who fought for our country and who sprang into action upon a surprise attack. These men and women trained to be ready for battle (which of course, is what every solider does).
So what are we training for? Is it only for physical fitness, endurance, and strength? Hopefully not! Through our training together in the gloom, may we also be sharpened and strengthened mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to fight the battle God has for us as men, husbands, fathers, and general ministers of the Gospel. Let's be ready to spring into action, and to be actively engaged in the battlegrounds of our lives and spheres of influence. There's a very real spiritual war in this world. Fight the good fight, men!
It's a blessing to be your brother – you men make me better each day. Praise God! SYITG – Pancreas

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