Murph Monday – 11.29.21

Crisp morning 27degrees, we need to move to get warm
12 @Three’s Company @Heidi (1st F Q) @2Buck @OPIE @Fertile Myrtle @Soul Glo @MapQuest @ragdoll @Fuller @Gutter-Ball @Commodore
Q @Jalisco
F3 open disclaimer follow up for our pledge of allegiance.
25SSH Cadence
15HighKnees Cadence
Arm circle cadence
Back backs cadence
Double digit of showing, this allowed to do Cindy's
Black ops Tuesday at Muletown
@Cosmo neighborhood parade this Saturday
Columbia Xmas parade Saturday support if you can, contact @OPIE and @2Buck  for details
@F3-Mary Ann Christmas toys due date Dec1st
24 hour marathon this week.
@Commodore M birthday for a happy time with family
@Soul Glo  for smooth transition back on routine with 2.0’s
All the pax dealing with hard times or injuries to be able and join us again
Great Open house showing up fngs
Big word this is.
We need to apply this on our daily life, be a man of your word.
Here in F3 stop thinking to much and bust the door !where to post, is lots of options and don't wNt to miss anything, however by Committing you helping the person on Q to Olán better.
At our life when we commit on some duties, is hard to back up and rescind without a consequence, here when you HC (which you should do it) and do t showed up the consequence is keep you accountable and do your own beatdown in the penalty box, lately I'd been seeing this trend with the pax that thinking the rescinding save us from that, be responsible remember at the end of the day our word is the only thing make is a HIM.
Thank you for showing up today and let me lead such a great HIM, @Jalisco  out.

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