Murph Monday – 11.15.21

14 HIM got up in the 30 degree temps to challenge themselves and take on THE MURPH!
PAX: @Jalisco, @OPIE, @Buckeye, @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads), @2Buck, @Billy Madison, @Thin Mint, @Veronica, @Numbers, @Sully, @Commodore, @Peewee (TRAPP), @Joey Freshwater, and QIC @Three’s Company
Pledge of Allegiance
Disclaimer, F3 Core Principles, and Warmarama. SSH, merkins, squats
Traditional Murph: partitioned into round of Cindy. Focus on form.
1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 merkins
300 squats
1 mile
T Claps to all the Roughnecks that met up with us at the end to hear the big announcement! @Cosmo, @Ginsu, @Offsides, @Mulligan, and @2nd F Kwame
AND THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS: @Jalisco is the new AOQ of #murphmonday! He has a passion for this workout and pushing everyone to get better, and I’m excited to see this HIM lead us on Mondays!
New AO starting this Friday. Sandbag workout. 5:30 am. Evans Park
Official kick off of Mule Town (F3 Columbia) this Saturday
Prayer requests:
@Jalisco. Friend’s husband battling cancer
@Cosmo’s M’s friend has a son named Noah that has been missing for a couple of days.
@Sully’s parents and grandmother battling health and mental issues. Lot of decisions to be made.
We all can become really self absorbed in our on problems and it’s easy to do. One of the best ways to combat that is to pour into others. Opportunities are right there for you. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but do something.
“I am the recipient of many benefits that I do not deserve and did not earn. Someone else paid for them. I am grateful! How do I show my gratitude? By daily pouring into others and passing on to them the things that will allow them to run far and achieve beyond what I have done.”
— John C. Maxwell —

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