Murph Monday- 11.09.2020

8 HIM had got a strong start to their week in Murph-tactic weather this morning. 
@Joey Freshwater @Tiny Dancer @Cosmo @Heidi @Dizzy Gillespie @Lone Star @Kwame Pancreas
General stuff, wasn’t exciting enough. @Tiny Dancer grew restless. 
1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 Merkins
300 squats
1 mile
@Joey Freshwater was hot this morning! Did you figure a time? 
@Tiny Dancer – 38:25 with ruck runs
@Cosmo 41:29 making progress and getting stronger! 
Each HIM challenged himself and put in work this morning. YHC didn’t do the reps of Cindy due to sore back but modified with other exercises. 
Kudos to @Kwame for posting his first Murph Monday. 
 24-he marathon is THIS Friday! Not too late to HC in the #24hr-marathon channel
 Thirsty Thursday this week at Martin’s/55 South for 2nd F and TurkeyPath planning
 TurkeyPath 5:30am on Thanksgiving morning at Pres Park
@Rudolph’s knee
@Tiny Dancer’s day in court
@Dizzy Gillespie preaching at a church later this month
@2Buck’s moving logistics this week
@Kwame’s friend and the reminder to all of us to have empathy and compassion for people because we never know what they’ve been through or are going through. 
In our pursuit of being humble servant leaders, we recognize that pride and arrogance are dangerous, and we might tend to think that confidence is too. It depends. Confidence rooted in our own identity, strength, and abilities quickly turns to pride and arrogance, which is destructive. The confidence God wants us to have is in Him, in Jesus, in His power, and our identity that comes from a right relationship with Him. Then we can walk forth in the proper confidence, trusting in our Lord and not ourselves. When David fought Goliath, he wasn’t confident in himself but completely in our Mighty God. HIM, keep striving for this type of confidence! 

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