Murph Monday – 10.26.20

PAX: @Three’s Company @Heidi @Dizzy Gillespie YHC

Smartsack: @Pancreas (feel better buddy!)
Fartsack: @Joey Freshwater


Hammy stretches, WMH’s, runner stretches
10 SSH
10 merkins
10 squats

YHC attacked the Murph, while others modified according to their injuries.

YHC: ~38:20 with ruck on the runs

I might have been the only uninjured PAX today, but I’m proud that we all attacked the gloom anyway!

gauntlet this weekend
@Peewee has the Q at FortPain
all of our families
@Dizzy Gillespie’s ankle
@Three’s Company’s upcoming fun-filled weekend in Huntsville for his daughter’s cheerleading competition
Church leaders
Moleskin: Church leaders are humans and don’t always do or say the right thing. Place your trust and hope in God, who promised that the gates of hell will never prevail against His Church.

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