Murph Monday 10.25.21

13 HIM start the week strong

@2Buck @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) @Thin Mint @Peewee (TRAPP) @Sully @Three’s Company @Night Light @OPIE @Buckeye @Veronica FNG
Q- @Jalisco

Disclaimer F3Warmorama
SSH/ cadence
Hamie stretch
BBC/ cadence
Backbacks/ cadence
Michael Phelps OYO

100pull ups
200 merkins
300 squats
Pax was lucky we had and FNG, Q give them the chance to do Cindy’s
6:15 time!

F3Dads this Sunday at 1pm at fort fun bring your 2.0’s with or without custom also bring some candy. Questions ask @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads)
Please support the cause @2Buck  is leading (women traffic) with our own #ao-darkhorse patch
We have a VQ come in let’s show up for @Buckeye beatdown
@Veronica & M for healing emotionally and physically.
@Oscar Mayer  recovery
@Heidi (1st F Q)  M

The importance of JOY
J: Jesús is first
O: Others  are second
Y: Yourself is last

“The most important [commandment],’ answered Jesus, ‘is this: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” The second is this: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” There is no commandment greater than these.”

We often put ourselves needs first in line and we need to do God needs and ask first then always lol for others like our M 2.0’s neighbor the Pax and help support at the end the Grace will pour on us when we looking life this way so all please JOY!

@Jalisco out

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