Mean Dora – 9.30.2020

12 showed for #fort-pain today:
@Chowdah @Mountain Mamma @spit valve @Heidi @Lone Star @Pancreas @Cosmo @Rudolph @Dizzy Gillespie @Peewee @Three’s Company @Joey Freshwater
History of events:
10 pax showed on time. @Dizzy Gillespie rolled in at 5:32 or so. Probably out repo’ing a first payment default or something.
Warmorama in the middle of the road by the train set thing:
Willie Mays – on your own
Arm circles – just do some, backwards forwards yada yada
Side Stradde Hops – 20 in cadence. Yes I actually counted today.
Mosey up the main road, bearing toward @Peewee Playhouse (his beatdown AO). Stopped at bottom where road starts incline for some Dora.

Dora Thang:
Two- partner reps of the following sets. Pax Uno does exercise while Pax Dos saunters up the hill to first cone (50 yards or so) and back. Pax Dos picks up on exercise count where Pax Uno left off and Partner Uno does the hill jaunt and back down….Wash rinse repeat until Pax Partners finish the reps. No stopping between Doras. She’s a mean one.
Note that I was really looking forward to this workout until I realized I was odd-man out without a partner. So I started doing all this nonsense solo during Dora 1. Through the second set of merkins, @Pancreas (for whom I had been #pining) emerged through the yellow haze of the early morning so we partnered up. Got the Chris Mathews tingle.

Dora 1:
100 merkins
200 squats

Dora 2:
100 big boy sit ups
100 2-count shoulder taps

Dora 3:
100 LBCs
75 burpees

Right after Dora done, all pax immediately did gassers on his own:
Starting at bottom, RUN to first cone (60 yards or so) and back to start. Start at bottom and RUN to light pole at crest of the hill by pavilion and all the way back to the bottom. Repeat back to back 2x.

At 6:11 we rolled back down to main lot for 10 burpees (and maybe some merkins?).

Good times.

Prayer requests:

@Dizzy Gillespie – Sell that last half a car. Get great survey results. We contemplated Pax getting online and submitting some fakeys but decided that’s not best. Besides, we’d all have to buy new cars to do that.
@Dizzy Gillespie – Friends have adopted a 5-sibling group. Sixteen year old has been through a lot and as a result, has displayed angst toward the family. As a result, is being removed from the home. Pray for strong, broken believers to come along side and lift him (her?) up as well as the adoptive family.
Continued prayers for all the injured Pax and that those whom we have been missing will come out and enjoy the gloom with us.

Also, @Chowdah mentioned the Shine gymnasium place over by old Kroger having a date night/drop kids off Friday evening. Get them on the horn and sign up if you could use some time away with the M!


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