Manterbury Black Ops Beatdown – 2.16.21

2 HIM decided to beat the snow and ice into submission this morning in front of Casa de Op. Double gloves and double socks for YHC
PAX: @Pre-K
QIC: @Operation
Warm-up lap around the circle, SSHs, stretches
Grab the coupons!
Curl-thruster-merkins with partner, one does reps while one runs a lap around circle, switch. 100 reps total.
Grab 2 coupons (each) and farmer carry them down one side of the circle and back. Toasted the forearms!
Stack 2 coupons on top of each other. Jump over coupons. Move them from one side of yourself to the other. Jump over again, traversing across the snow, across a few houses.
Weighted merkins / overhead hold – one partner does merkins with a coupon on their back, while one holds coupon overhead until the merkining partner runs out of merkins. 3 rounds
Curls for time (about 1 minute)
Still looking for a Q to backup @Dizzy Gillespie at tomorrow’s Fort Pain. Might have to check to see who can even make it to the AO.
Prayer requests
Safe driving for those that have to do it.
Sanity for families with kids that are supposed to be in school
The lesson for today is accountability. I told my M that if I didn’t ask the group to see if anyone wanted to come out, I would probably fail to get out there just on my own, and she agreed, encouraging me to reach out. A huge thanks to @Pre-K for working through a measly 10 degrees this morning! Accountability is something we all need in at least one part of our lives.
Op out

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