Labor Day Murph – 9.6.21

@Cousin Eddie @Underoos @Corncob @OPIE @Paperboy @Operation @Three’s Company @Hot Mic Tribute @Night Light @Soul Glo @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Soul Surfer @J Fresh @Heidi (1st F Q) @Cross-Stitch @Blackout @O’Douls @Yaris @Zebra @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Thin Mint @Earhart ( I feel like I missing some of the Prevacs, sorry)
QIC: @Jalisco
Traditional Murph some did with the 20# vest and some did a double one with several HIM finished it (I know your excited of that) for the first time!

TN Tussle 9/11
Though rucking event on 9/10-9/11
Star course November check roughnecks channel for details
Bourbon race (@PrimeTime Kwame )
Meeting on Gary’s for the Patagonia trip next year.

@Timeshare uncle
@Hot Mic Tribute Dad
@Zebra In-laws
@Heidi (1st F Q) M meeting surgeon
@Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck mom overwhelmed at work for patience and guidance during this times.
@Operation In-laws
Praise for @Night Light family and daughter for good week.
We experience the hardest times today that could be reflected on daily life situations, just push though and with the grace of God and encouragement of family and friends we all will overcome those hard moments, keep it up pax !!
@Jalisco out have a great Labor Day and SYITG

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