Kwame’s Birthday Beatdown – 6/20/2020

PAX: @Pancreas @Tiny Dancer @Operation @Dizzy Gillespie @Cosmo @toastmaster @ragdoll YHC
5 Clurpee buy-in (hand clap merkin w/burpee)
22 SSHs (birthday is June 22nd)
22 Half Jacks
22 Windmills
22 quick mills
22 suicide squats
5 more Clurpees
Mosey to Lowe’s (about .75 miles)
5 Jackees buy-in (SSH at top of burpee)
count the parking spaces- spread out and 4 rounds of fun!
rd 1- bear crawl down and back
Rd 2- suicide sprints, touch every parking space line
Rd 3- lungs walk down and back
Rd 4- broad jumps down
Mosey to grassy knoll in front of Lowe’s
22 Crab Humpers
Failure to Launch (Hold Al Gore for individual pax countdowns from 10, with a squat thruster in between each pax)
Jack Webbs- 1:4 merkin and air press, up to 10:40
22 Twinkle Toes (al gore with calf raises)
22 Bobby Hurleys (squat, slap the ground, jump up to a jump shot)
22 pistol squats, 11 each leg
5 Jackees to wrap up
At this point we had 5 minute to get back to Harvey Park, but ToastMaster had a Merlot Splash, so we decided to start COT at Lowe’s. Always a good feeling to see someone with a Merlot Splash during a beatdown. Just proves you’re pushing yourself! T-Claps to the master of toast…

Tomorrow morning @Pancreas is leading a group to run/scout out locations for The Crucible, the Spring Hill F3’s first official CSAUP event! Come join in the run and mumble chatter as we cover anywhere from 8 to 10 miles with plenty of breaks in between to scout locations.
Thursday night YHC will be hosting a Brat Party at my house. In addition to the Kwame Brats, it will be a nice opportunity for 2nd F, please come by. This is an F3 bro’s event only, we will be setting up a full family get together later in the summer.
Prayer requests:
Owner of Deer Run recovering from Covid-19
Kwame’s M’s grandfather is sick, pray for the doctors to be able to diagnose the digestive tract issue
All the F3 families traveling for the upcoming holiday, safe travels
Dizzie’s family member who passed from cancer
I'm pretty sure there were others and I apologize, my memory is not as good as @ragdoll ,who graciously closed us out very eloquently today. Thank you. 
It was an honor and a blessing to lead you men this morning- way to get after it! Great to see @Dizzy Gillespie becoming a “regular” out in the gloom again! I’m proud to be a member of this growing group, and encouraged every day by your friendship and accountability.

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