Kwame Goggins Naked Prison Workout – 03.07.2020

7 HIM came out to feel pain and suffering in order to achieve growth and to get better together this morning.

So this workout was inspired by a David Goggins workout. The workout proves that you don’t need any props to workout (hence the NAKED) and you don’t need a lot of space (hence the PRISON).

PAX: @Lone Star, @Tiny Dancer, @Ron Swanson, @Heidi, @ragdoll, and FNG Wide Right (Bills fan)
QIC: Kwame

5 good mornings OYO
“Hello, Good Morning”- P DiddyThang

We got right into it, although nobody knew exactly what we were getting into…SSHs for 5 minutes straight
“White and Nerdy”- Weird Al Yankovic
30 second break
SSHs for another 5 minutes
“Safety Dance”- Men Without Hats

Alternate SSHs (x10) and Merkins (x10), for 5 minutes straight
“We Are All Made of Stars”- Moby
Alternate SSHs/Merkins for 5 more minutes
“Stand Up”- Ludacris

Alternating Lunges- 5 minutes
“Seven Nation Army”- White Stripes

Squats- 5 minutes
“Cult of Personality”- Living Colour

Crunches- 5 straight brutal minutes
“My Heart Will Go On”- Celine DionAlternating Hi/Low planks (elbow,elbow,hand,hand), 3 minutes
“Let’s Stay Together”- Al GreenCrunches- 5 straight even worse minutes
“Breathe”- The ProdigySquats- 5 more minutes
“Tiny Dancer” Elton John (inspired by @Tiny Dancer of course!)

Alternating Lunges- 5 more minutes
“Bawitdaba”- Kid Rock

SSHs- 5 minutes
“How Fast”- Rocco DeLuca and “Time Is On Our Side”- Rolling Stones

Time was indeed on our side at this point, as the pax beatdown happily came to a halt. Random things heard during the beatdown:“I gotta feeling Kwame has picked out songs for each exercise” (you would be correct! Bonus points for recognizing that first song into it!)

“Who’s David Goggins?” (Don’t worry, FNG, you’ll get to know him soon…)

“I always wanted to do 100 straight SSHs…twice in a row” (wasn’t sure at first if this was sarcasm or not, but either way, you’re welcome)

“I didn’t know my calves could burn this much just from doing jumping jacks” (this was from YHC by the way :joy:)“We only did 6 different exercises…in an HOUR”

Great job today men- hope we didn’t scare off the new guy. There were plenty of disclaimers I heard as well (“don’t worry, it’s not always like this”), but sounds like Wide Right May just be a keeper :+1::skin-tone-4:

Announcements- Church with @Tiny Dancer tomorrow, please see #3rdf channel for details.
Many events coming up with other regional F3 groups, including runs, obstacle courses, and 1,000,000 burpees challenge. Stay tuned to Slack for all the details.

Prayer Requests- Prayers for those affected by the tornadoes, for the health of many pax families

Outstanding work, way to push yourselves this morning. And as always, appreciate the opportunity to lead y’all this morning. As the great Arnold Schwarzenegger said once, and I quote: I’LL BE BACK (to Q another day)


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