Jalis-Go Trapp – 5.27.21

13 HIM attend and choose the right side of the path today into the foggy gloom.
PAX: @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Billy Madison @Soul Glo @Chowdah @Veronica @Night Light @Free Fallin @Joey Freshwater @Gremlin @MapQuest
QIC @Jalisco

Good mornings
10 merkins
Calf/Achilles stretches

THANG: We run to the bridge by dogs park always choosing our right side, turn back and go right on the barn to run into the foggy woods to end on top of sunrise hill TIME!

PreK food train still one spot open let’s support our brother.
Murfreesboro Saturday Q (@Heidi on Q I believe )
Next Saturday F2 camping trip.
Memorial Day murph next Monday regular schedule here in SH also option of Nolensville and Franklin ( contact @Pancreasfor details)
June 28th Marines Corps Murph with @Three’s Company

Prayer requests:
@ToeJam  marriage to get better and a friend moving back to Nashville ( work/ place to stay)
@Joey Freshwater  Mom surgery recovering, guidance and patience for family on this process.
@Sully  for M to get better
@Chowdah  M Back feel better and future appointment.

The path of life is never easy to walk in, we can be tricked by the jester and make look easy and smooth sometimes but in reality Gods way are never easy, to be with him and on his grace we all need hard working commitment to stay focus and we can’t do it without him and his blessings.
We all have the opportunity to choose our direction let’s try to stay on the right path even is harder, different and hard to walk trough.

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