Heidi’s Pavilion Of Pain – 5.03.21

Heidi's Makeshift Pavilion Beatdown
We decided to spit the group this morning at Murph Monday.  For any of those that didn't feel comfortable running and hanging on metal playground equipment during a thunderstorm, they got to stay back and experience Heidi's Pavilion Of Pain ™.  @MaryAnne said that given the choice of running in a thunderstorm or working out with me, he would run in the storm.  I choose to take that as a compliment!

After a quick disclaimer that we were still going to be getting out in the rain, we started off under the pavilion with a ladder of the following exercise sets, starting at 5 reps and increasing by 1 each round:

  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Big Boy Situps
  • Run up the path, across the bridge to the parking lot and back.
  • RnR +1

We made it to round 13 or so, and then hit another short lap through the parking lot and around the rec building. Since there was no lightening an still lots of rain to play in, we moved the beatdown out into the grass where we did 25 SSH, 10 Spider Man Merkins, and another 25 SSH.

We then hit one final set of 25 Dips, Squats, Merkins, and Big Boys under the watchful eye of @Operation, who showed up with an empty coffee pot.
We then did a very quick round of Mary, with @Ginsu calling out LBCs and @Operation calling Flutter Kicks, and we were done for TIME!
Great job men!  I think it is fantastic that we had such a good showing this morning, 4 FNGS in some of the worst weather we've had in a while!

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