Heidi’s Killer Combo of Pyramids and 5 Min Sets – 5.20.2020

4 HIM hit it hard this morning at Fort Pain!
PAX: @Pancreas, @FICO, @Tiny Dancer
Q: Heidi

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day, this morning’s beatdown was taken from military.com, courtesy of Stew Smith, former Navy SEAL
(QIC modified the above workout to fit in our allotted time)

Some light stretching OYO (GM, and WMH), followed by a few SSH, then straight into the Thang!

Pushups / Squat/ SSH Pyramid x 10:
(original workout called for 200m runs, Q instead added SSH into the mix for fun)
10 pushups/10 squats/10 SSH; increase by 10 each time…up to 40 (Had planned to go to 50 but Q called it at 40 for time).

5 Minute Sets
Do each exercise in order, and try to keep moving as best you can. Rest when needed, but the time does not stop for your set if you have to rest. The goal is to see how many reps you can get of each of the exercises below in five minutes.5 min Big Boy Situps
5 min Burpees
5 min Squats
5 min Flutter Kicks

Reverse Pyramid: start at 50 pushups/50 squats/50 SSH and work back down to 10 (we ran out of time somewhere around 30)

F3SH 1 year beatdown and party are THIS SATURDAY!  @Tiny Dancer will announce the final details of the Beatdown tomorrow.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d for the party, do so now.  You don’t want us showing up at your house to get you….
Time to start talking about Crucible again!

@Pancreas’ aunt Debbie still struggling
All of us as men and leaders in homes and at work during these trying times.

It’s a great day to get after it gentlemen, if you haven’t already.

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