Heidi Week – Day 4 – It’s A TRAPP! – 5.20.21

22 PAX come out to go for a run in the woods today. But they didn't realize that it was a TRAPP, and we would be doing more than running!

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QIC: Heidi

Quick disclaimer and warm up, and then we hit the trails. YHC gave the PAX the option of running ahead to get in some speed/miles, or running at a more moderate pace, and set a rendezvous time and point.

We started out heading through the field to the road and taking the gravel hill down to the barn, where we all met back up, and then turned left and ran back through the woods, taking your trail of choice, and coming out at the base of the pain camel.

Since there had been several requests for burpees we did 5 of them, and then 1 burpee in cadence because @Jalisco wanted to try it out. After that we bear crawled halfway up sunrise hill and politicianed up the other half. Except for @Soul Glo, who just turned on beast mode and bear crawled all the way up!

What's this at the top? Someone left a sandbag up there for us to play with!  It seemed only fitting that we circle up and hold Al Gore and start passing it around while we wait for everyone to get to the top of the hill. Then we started doing American Hammers while passing the sandbag around.  After a few minutes of that we did another round of Al-Gore-Sandbag-Toss, and threw in some curls before moseying back to the parking lot for COT.

New F3SH AO starts up at Port Royal Park in 1 WEEK! Several PAX are already planning to be there!
Armory has moved to Longview starting THIS WEEK!
Looking for 3-4 volunteers to head over to M'boro each Saturday for the next few weeks
F3 5-ish K Family Fun Run Day is THIS Saturday at Preservation Park at 9AM
Memorial Day Murph in Nolensville, as well as our regular Murph Monday.

PAX that are out due to illness or injury
@Jalisco Mom taken to the ER yesterday for possible heart related issues
@MaryAnne son on the road frequently traveling to see girlfriend
@Chowdah dog having is puppies
@MapQuest Prayers for the COVID situation in India, and for hopefully being able to have VBS there this year to spread God's word.

Heidi's Heroes – each day this week I will be spotlighting a different hero.

Nashville Metro Police officer Brian Sherman, May 4th 2021 was shot while responding to a “setup call” of an active shooter to get police to arrive at the scene. The suspect reportedly told 911 dispatchers that his mother had been shot. When police arrived and knocked on the door, the door opened and the officers came under fire. Officer Brian Sherman was shot in the left arm. The shooter came out of the home armed with a rifle. Police said they tried to negotiate with him, who died shortly after from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. No police officers fired any shots during the incident, and there were no other injuries. Police said the suspect's mother did not sustain any gunshot wounds as originally reported. Officer Sherman was transported to Vanderbilt where he was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital later that night.

YHC had to channel his inner #roughnecks this morning to lug that sandbag up Sunrise Hill at 4:50AM.  About halfway there I started to question my life choices and kept hearing Colonel @Cosmo in my head yelling something about donuts and quarters.  I remember thinking that a place that sold donuts for a quarter would be awesome, and then everything went dark.  (because I forgot my headlamp)

SYITG, Heidi!

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