Ft. Pain – 1.26.22

Recreation of the Suicide-Arama
9 HIM fighting at the Fort and get ready to recreate one of the good beatdowns we experienced in 2021 (my first time)

@Reset@Operation@Ginsu@Blackout@Timeshare@Three’s Company@Bogo@Peewee (TRAPP)
Q- @Jalisco
F3 credo recited by @Timeshare
M not a profesional exercise at your own risk modify as necessary
1- 4 round increasing at the beach
Start with 5 pull-ups, run down to the pat and do 10 squats, go back at starting point and plank for the 6.
5pull ups -run down increase the squats by 10 till reach 40,
2- crosswalk cones
Same path increasing by 10 at each cone. Starting with 5 burpees run to cone and merkins (10,20,30,40)
Al Gore for the 6.
3- field in front of the amphitheater
Starting point 5 BBS then crawl to cones afor 2 Ct American hammers (10,20,30,40)  crawl back and squats for the 6.
4- peewe playhouse
Start at the bottom by the run path with 10/2ct flutters and 5 surrenders, run up the hill to the house and dips (10,20,30,40) here @Ginsu asked for 50 dips so we add those, thanks beast !
Moosey back to the flags,


canon ball 2 (check slack channel for details and get with @Heidi (1st F Q) for questions/concerns
Growruck event April
@Tiny Dancer planing a pre party rosary on February at #ao-battle-creek

Safe travels to @Reset and @Cosmo
Pax dealing with covid
@Jalisco surgery schedule for march
Our active military members and families are on alert for Ukraine @Baby Gap @Night Light
“13 seconds “
With the game of my Bills Sunday I learned that we need to be alert and keep performing at our top until time is done, those times when we think is ALMOST time to______ we wrong keep performing at work school home life.
Because it just take 13 seconds to change that moment or your life completely so don’t down your guard with your jester and be alert 100% of the time enjoy what the Lord put in front of you, your family, your work, your life and remember ~ DFQ ~
Be strong mentally and physically do the hard thing the whole time.
Pleasure to lead today
@Jalisco  out

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