Fortify Your Feelings – 8.28.2020

PAX: @Hot N Ready @Rudolph @Bogo @Pancreas YHC
Conditions: cool, dark, and rainy
At 5:14, I thought it’d be just @Bogo and me. By 5:25, we had a full crew of 5. As such, YHC pretty much Q’d this on the fly as follows:
2 min of stretching
20 SSH
10 squats
10 merkins
Stations: 2 min each, 15 second transition (2 rounds)
1. 1 pull-up, 2 Merkins, 2 pull-ups, 4 Merkins, (and so on)
Kill the bag (straight up therapy)
Ruck farmer carry – walk 15 yards, jog back 15 yards
Cinderblock thrusters
Towards the end of round 2, @Pancreas arrived, so we modified the kill the bag station into a 2 PAX, share-the-bag format (PAX 1 did 1 ktb, PAX 2 did 2 burpees, flapjack and RNR)
Stations Part 2 – 2 min (2 rounds)
Endorphins (share the bag format as described above)
Ruck merkins
Ruck lunges
Skull crushers
Stations Part 3
Angry bear crawl with sandbag
Kettlebell swing with ruck
3 TTB, 3 squats, RNR
0.5 mile ruck run (timer)
We only made 2 rotations of part 3. After the first rotation, YHC quickly realized we wouldn’t have time for a turn at each station, so I shortened the run to a loop around the playground.
15 burpees to kill the final minute.
Announcements: @ragdoll is on Q tomorrow at Armory!
thanksgiving for God’s protection of my family during Hurricane Laura and prayers for speedy recovery for those less fortunate in Lake Charles.
all PAX dealing with back to school issues
TClaps to @Pancreas who posted despite his circumstances. Yes, he was late and limited, (all excuses he could have used to stay in bed) but he posted and did SOMETHING. It reminded me of the Jocko Podcast which has a great episode with a former POW captive who worked out every day while in captivity, even after his captors broke his body to the point at which he could only execute controlled breathing exercises. Lessons: Never waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Do something!
Caveat: if any exercise hurts or doesn’t feel right, STOP and do something else. Listen to your body like @Pancreas did today. We’re not doing this to get injured.
Great work this morning!
TD out

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