Fortification Friday Gets A Concussion – 8.14.2020

PAX: @Lone Star @Hot N Ready @Ron Swanson @Foosball @Three’s Company YHC

2 minutes of stretching
10 squats in cadence

Buy in: 100 Merkins

Stations: 1:30 per set, 15 second transition
Kill the bag
Overhead press with 50lbs
step up with (2) 30lb rucks
Man makers with 25lb dumbbells
5 pull-ups, 10 mountain climbers

5:20 – 50 burpees (5 sets of 10)

Round 2 – substituted 70lb sandbag getups for kill the bag and ruck merkins for ruck step ups

Round 3 – substituted man makers for burpee snatches with 25lb dumbbells; substituted overhead press for 50lb curls

5:50 – burpee apocalypse (10 to 1) (55 total)

We had time for one more rotation with 1 minute sets


@Pancreas is on Q tomorrow at Armory!

back to school
All those who are injured and sick
– yes, I took a 30lb plate to the back of the head during ruck merkins and sustained a mild concussion. #nofactor outside of temporary loss of some short term memory
tomorrow is the Catholic Feast of the Assumption of Mary. My we learn from her example and have the courage to say yes to God in all things and trust in God’s Word!
100 merkins and 105 burpees along with 3-4 trips through the stations. Not a bad day at #fortificationfriday!
Welcome @Three’s Company!
Way to accelerate, men!
TD out

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