Fortification Friday – 7.17.2020

PAX: @Hot N Ready @chessclub, @Operation,
Warmorama: 2 min of stretching back and hammers
10 burpee warmup
@Hot N Ready and chessclub beebop in late
Stations 1 – 1 min per set – 4 rounds
2 pull-ups, 2 squats RNR
Endorphins with 60#sb
Ruck getups
Kill the bag with 60# rock bag
Intermission: Short Robbie Miller – 4 rounds
6 pull-ups
6 burpees
6 mountain climbers
6 toes to bar
Stations 2 – only time for 1 round
angry bear crawl with rock bag
Burpee pull-ups
Bent rows with 60#sb
dual Ruck farmer’s carry 40yds – timer
Warpath is this October
Crucible is Aug. 1
@Pancreas has Armory tomorrow
Prayer requests:
@Hot N Ready’s 2.0’s graduation
There’s a swelling persecution of Christians in the world right now, be sure we are projecting an accurate picture of Christ to the world. Matthew 10:16, Matthew 28:20.
TD out

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