Fortification Friday – 6.26.2020

PAX: @Foosball @Hot N Ready @Tiny Dancer
QIC: Tiny Dancer
Warmorama: 2 minutes of OYO stretching of lower back and hammies and it was off to the races.
Buy in: 100 Merkins
Stations Part 1 – 2 min AAMRAP each with 15 second transition break – each PAX took 3 turns at each of the following stations:
Endorphins (thusly dubbed today because they honestly feel amazing): power clean, front squat, thruster, all with a 60lb sandbag. These made one heck of a crater in the mulch playground. Too bad we didn’t photograph the aftermath before cleaning it back up.
Ruck merkins
Burpee pull-ups
Intermission: 30 four-count flutter kicks
Stations Part 2 – AAMRAP as with part 1, but the timer was the running PAX. PAX only had time to take 2 turns at each of the following stations:
Curtis P’s – power clean to back mount, one lunge each leg, then release the sandbag back off the shoulders, all with 60lb sb
30lb kettlebell 2 handed front swing
250ish yard ruck run (across the field towards the post office, turned around at the tree nearest the walking path) PAX would rotate stations upon his return.
After each round, PAX completed 10 ruck burpees in honor of @funyuns of F3 Franklin.
@Typo Positive has #the-armory tomorrow. Bring a coupon!
Next week is #TDweek. I have #fort-pain and #the-armory for July 4th. Plan for at least a 30 minute optional preparty on Independence Day.
@Foosball’s safe travels today
Thanksgiving that my M has been feeling better this week. Keep praying!
Wait…is that…could it be…yes! It’s @Kwame! The leg master himself briefly rolled in after COT on his way to work. Good to see you, brother, and I hope we get you out for a Friday soon!
Wednesday was the Feast Day of my Confirmation Saint, St. John the Baptist. He was the herald and baptizer of the Christ, the voice crying out in the wilderness. For me, he represents a rejection of contemporary counter-Christian culture and is a model of obedience as a servant of Christ. May we learn by his example and die to ourselves and to this world, take up our cross, and follow Christ – bearing our sufferings and joys with obedience and humility for the glory of His Kingdom.
In trying times throughout Church history, God has raised up saints to renew the Church and the world. Likewise, during this trying time in our nation, He’ll most certainly do it again. We’re ALL called to be saints, so let’s GET TO WORK :muscle::us:.
Isaiah 40:1-5
Isaiah 49:1-6
Jeremiah 1:4-10
Luke 1:5-17
Let’s do this again next week
TD out

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