Fortification Friday – 10.09.2020

@Ron Swanson
@Doggy Doo
@Tiny Dancer
QIC: @Lone Star
Tardy: @Pancreas

Taking turns though each exercise:
Set 1:
Rope slams
Jump rope
Run a lap around playground
2 Rounds
Set 2:
Swing v-ups/crunches
Rope alternating waves
Front raise hold w/plate & turnovers
1 Round

Set 3:
Weighted sit ups
Rope alternating waves
Overhead plate hold lunges
Merkin and renegade rows
2 Rounds
Run a lap around playground
Burpees until time

This was my first Q here and I was at least over prepared with equipment. Thanks guys for bringing the stuff out!
Hope you guys enjoyed the battle ropes!?!
The usual, as of late, 24hr Marathon (Nov 14), Warpath (Oct 17), Gauntlet (Oct 31).   @Ron Swanson Q at Armory tomorrow 10/10/20.

Prayer Request:
Everyone with injuries and ailments: TD’s wife and his BIL with back issues, Ron’s M and Uncle, DD’s M and her foot, and all the PAX out to injuries with backs and legs.

Let’s keep encouraging each other to get better and push each other. It’s a reason I keep coming out and a reason I committed to posting at all of our AOs this week, 5 of 6 down, let’s go HC for Armory tomorrow!

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