Fortification Friday – 10.02.2020

Three PAX came out to be fortified this morning at #fortificationfriday – @Tiny Dancer , @Ron Swanson , and YHC.
5 good mornings
10 cherry jumpers (jump squat combined w/cherry pickers)
10 merkins
10 reverse merkins
30 second low squat hold
Thang 1 – 90 second sets with 15 second rests
2x Duck walk with coupons across swing set
2x Curls for the girls
2x Stink bag kettle bell swings
Thang 2 – 90 second sets with 15 second rests
2x Kill the bag
2x Inverted pushups (feet up)
2x Overhead tricep extensions
Thang 3 – 90 second sets with 15 second rests
1x Pull-ups
1x Endorphins
2x Weighted sit-ups
2x Walking ruck lunges
Thang 4 – 45 second sets with 15 second rests (Oblique buster)
2x Spider-Man low planks
2x Weighted American hammers
2x Low boat hold
2x Side planks (right then left)
Thang 5 – 1 lap around the playground
Shot put the coupon
Long jump to the coupon
Merkin on the coupon
Announcements & Prayers
Big Bang’s 40 mile run coming up. It is on Strava.
F3 Franklin will be hosting a dad’s camping trip in the near future. More info to come
“Not everything that can be faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that is not faced” —James Baldwin
We ended the morning with some encouragement to dare to try, even though there is no guarantee of victory, change, or a desired outcome. It is in the trying that we find ourselves, and it is in trying that we are sometimes given the gift of joy!

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