Fort Pain Virtual Beatdown – 04.08.2020

7 PAX hit it hard this morning for Fort Pain’s first Virtual Beatdown!
PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Lone Star @ragdoll @Kwame @FICO @Pancreas
QIC: Heidi (who feels like a complete IDIOT for not checking the volume on his headset)

High Knee Hammers
Floor Sprints

Welsh Dragons
Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the BACK of each shoulder 1 time. Crawl bear back 4 steps, do 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 sets of back of shoulder taps… etc.
Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time
Go until you get to 10 reps each, then work your way back down
5 minutes

Burpee broadjump
1 burpee, 1 broad jump. Turn and repeat
5 minutes

Sphinx Merkin
Start in a low plank with your elbows on the ground, looking like the Sphinx. Push your self up using your triceps only. Your hands should never leave the ground. The merkin is complete when your elbows are locked. Then return to the starting position with your elbows on the ground once again not moving your hands and using your triceps.
5 minutes

Captain Thor
Done in a 1:4 ratio. 1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers.
1:4, 2:8, 3:12, etc…
Try to get 10:40, then work your way back down
5 minutes

Burp, Push, Squat, Crunch AMRAP
AMRAP of 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 squats, 20 LBCs;
repeat for 10 minutes

High Knee/Low/Floor Sprints:
Do 8 high knee hammers and 8 sprints, and then drop down to plank and do 8 floor sprints — pop up again and repeat.
1 minute, 10 second break, then repeat
(did 1 set and then ran out of time. this will be brought out for another day!)

I mentioned that we would be doing some Tabata style workouts, but we ran out of time. The last set of exercise was the first of the Tabat sets that I had planned, which means I’ve got stuff ready for next time!

Prayer Requests:
COVID; living in harmony with our families; @Ron Swanson’s M; @Pancreas’s Aunt (M’s Aunt?); Leading and being better men in our homes and communities, especially during these trying times.

Gentlemen, I hope that Fort Pain lived up to it’s name today. I had a great workout, but I don’t know about the rest of you since I COULDN’T HEAR ANYONE!

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