Fort Pain St. Patrick’s Day Party – 3.17.21

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QiC: @Pre-K
The weather this morning was perfect gloom weather. 19 HIM’s got out of bed and came and got better. YHC gave quick introduction and straight into Warm-o-Rama:
Side straddle hops -IC x30
 BAC – IC x10
Back BAC -IC x10
Michael Phelps – OYO
Willy Mays hay’s – OYO
After a quick stretch we were off on a field trip to the church down the road. However, we had someone running late so we did 10 Merkins while they parked.
Once at the church we bear crawled down the stairs to the large parking lot, then went to the side of the church building and crawl bear up those stairs.
We gathered up and paid our respects to @Cosmo for some made up rule/thread etiquette about 10 burpees. So, we knocked out 100 of them doing 10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes.  Not much mumblechatter during the burpees, I think everyone loved them! We then went back to the stairs to wheel barrow down with a partner. At the bottom we looped back around so the other guy got his turn. YHC did want anyone to feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth today.
Once at the bottom of the parking lot the pax planked till everyone was there. We then stayed with our partner and one guy did surrender broad jumps while the other ran to the end of the parking lot and back and switched. Then the pax did some LBC‘s then rinse and repeat back to starting point.
After the surrender broad jumps, we went over and grab some curb and did Merkins curb walks. After that, we politician up the hill and headed back to Fort pain for some Mary. Mary included big boy sit ups, Alabama prom dates, and Captain Thor’s.
Count off, Name-o-Rama,  Welcome FNG frisbee buff
Convergence next Saturday March 27th at #the-armory (First Baptist Church – 5219 Main Street)
Bourbon relay – October, @Kwame is leading this, more details to come.
Prayer Request:
Safe travels for everyone on spring break.
Mole skin:
Today is St. Patrick day Aka Feast of St.  Patrick.  Here are some facts about why this day is celebrated:
St Patrick, was actually born in Britain around 390 A.D. to a Christian family.
Growing up Patrick showed no interest in Christianity.
At the age of 16, He was kidnapped and sent overseas to tend sheep as a slave in Ireland for 7 years. While he was in slavery be came believing Christian.  
He started to hear voices in a dream telling him to escape, which he did and went back to his family.
Once home, He was ordained as a priest from a bishop.  he then decided to  leave and go back to Ireland to spread Christianity.
Spent the rest of his  working in Ireland and he died on March 17, 461.
The shamrock has 3 leaves. Those 3 leaves represent the holy trinity.
St Patrick was never sworn in saint, but in the  1630 the Catholic Church venerated him as a saint.  
Pre-K out


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