Fort Pain Reopening – 5.27.2020

7 HIM hit it this morning at Fort Pain (with an FNG that Ragdoll picked up at Kroger!). The threat of rain didn’t deter us, and the weather actually turned out to be great, holding off on the downpour until after we were done.
PAX: @Pre-K@ragdoll@Lone Star@Pancreas@Aladdin and @Doggy Doo (FNG Bill)
Q: Heidi

SSH – 10 in cadence

Merkins / Squat Pyramid x 10:
In honor of Memorial Day, this set was taken from, Courtesy of Stew Smith, former Navy SEAL
10 merkins/10 squats – mosey 200m
20/20 merkins/squats – mosey 200m 
30/30 merkins/squats – mosey 200m
40/40 merkins/squats – mosey 200m
50/50 merkins/squats – mosey 200m

Wandering Bear:
Bear Crawl up the ditch
25 Big Boy Sit ups 
Crawl Bear down the ditch
25 Freddie Mercury’s 
Pancreas decided that the crawls were too easy, so we switched it to Crawl Bear up and Bear Crawl downWe did a few rounds of this until Q called time and we moseyed to picnic tables

4×4, OYO:
Start with 4 reps of each exercise, any order, then repeat adding 4 reps each round until Q called time.

  • Triceps dips
  • LBCs
  • SSH
  • American Hammers 

Reverse Merkins / Squat Pyramid:
Start at 50 merkins/50 squats, then drop to 25/25 due to time.
As @Pancreas put it, “It’s not called Fort Fluffy!”

We will be moving back the Fort Pain start time to 5:30 starting next week. I will continue to keep an eye on everyone’s WFH situation, and as more people return to their offices we can adjust the start time as necessary.
Pancreas is cooking up a diabolical scheme for Crucible. Not sure of the deets yet, but it’s time to start planning!

Pre-K’s friends have a premature baby in the NICU (sorry, can’t remember their names)
Pancreas and Doggy Doo have friends that recently lost loved ones
Prayers for us a men, leaders, husbands, and fathers

It was hard to get up this morning. I’m still pretty sore from Monday’s MURPH, and there were a lot of merkins today (who’s idea was that???) I’m grateful for you gentlemen getting up and getting after it with me! The hard part is over, now go enjoy your day.


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