Fort Pain Commencement Beatdown – 03.04.2020

Heidi’s Burpee Bear Crawl Beatdown
10 HIM came out to the commencement beatdown of our new AO!
PAX: @Lone Star, @Operation, @Tiny Dancer, @Pancreas, @Bogo, and joining us from F3 Franklin: Foosball, Pre-K, Tuna, and Bartman
QIC: Heidi
20 SSH in cadence
10 Cherry pickers OYO
5 Good Mornings OYO
10 High Knee Hammers in cadence – Clamp both hands together in a fist, do High Knees, while moving the fist to the outside of the raised knee (American Hammer style)
Q Notes: You know it’s going to be a good beatdown when someone (Bartman) says “This is terrible” during the warm-up.
Thang – time to explore our new AO!
Going on a bear hunt
Mosey around the loop stopping and performing 10 burpees at each workout station or park bench we encounter along the path. Be on the lookout for hills, that’s where the bears are.
4 workout stations found
This was about the time that Pancreas decided he didn’t want to play with us, and took off running to the bathroom.
Q Notes: Next time maybe we’ll just mosey in circles around the bathrooms until Pancreas is ready to work out.
Look! There’s a hill!
Crooked Bear: Bear crawl along the side of the hill
Continue the mosey, searching for park benches and workout stations
2 park benches found
Pancreas decided that he did want to play after all, and rejoined the group.
Stop at the picnic tables in the back for a round of the following:
  • 10 LBCs, In Cadence
  • 10 Squats, IC
  • 20 1 legged Triceps dips (10 on each leg), on Q count – most of the PAX were eager to get started and didn’t wait for the Q
  • 10 SSH, IC
  • 10 Freddy Mercuries, IC
  • 10 High Knee Hammers, IC
  • 10 burpees before hitting the trail again
Continue the mosey, searching for park benches and workout stations
Watch out for mud!
2 workout stations found
Look! We found another hill!
Wandering bear: bear crawl up the hill to the pavement, then turn around (without standing up) and bear crawl back down. At the bottom, kick it in reverse and crawl bear back up the hill, turning at the pavement and crawl bear back down. That’s 1 rep, RNR for 4 reps.
(This was about the time that Lone Star decided he was going home. I guess he’s afraid of bears.)
Crab walk sideways along the hill until we reach the path.
Continue the mosey, searching for park…Found one!
Mosey around to the front entrance and crab walk, bear crawl, and crawl bear back to the vehicles.
Just enough time left for a round of Mary!
Announcements –
TD is hosting 3rd F THIS Sunday morning. He’s posted the details in #3rdf .
F3 Franklin has a 3rd F group that meets on Tuesday’s at 5:30 AM where the are going through the F3 Q Source. I’m very interested in this and may try to start attending some.
Name-o-rama – The new AO has been named Fort Pain!
Prayer –
Prayers for those affected by the tornadoes, and the search and rescue workers out there looking for those 70+ people that are still missing! Shout out to @Sully for heading to Putnam county this AM to aid in the search!
Moleskin –
Thank you all for showing up this morning! I am honored to part of this great group of men. My life is better because of you guys! In reflecting back over the last 6 months or so, my life has changed so much just by becoming a part of this group. May we continue to grow and reach other HIMs in our community, and continually strive to become better.

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