Fort Pain Cinco De Mayo – 5.05.21

37 PAX came out to party at the Fort Pain Cinco De Mayo celebration!
Conditions: Wet with a slight chill in the air
PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Tijuana @Joey Freshwater @Soul Glo @Olive (FNG) @Foosball @Pancreas @Billy Madison @Blackout (FNG) @Caboose (FNG) @Cross-Stitch @Ginsu @Baby Gap @ToeJam @Fertile Myrtle @Skid Mark @Veronica @Mulligan @Chowdah @Dizzy Gillespie @Hot Mic @Heidi @Flash Dance @Cosmo @Rudolph @Three’s Company @MaryAnne @Churro @MapQuest @Yo-Yo @Timeshare @Singlet @Dippin' Dots @Peewee (PreVac) @Pebbles(PreVac)
Q's: @Lone Star @Jalisco

5 Good Mornings OYO – During Disclaimer
5 Michael Phelps OYO
20 SSH
10 Abe Vigodas
12 Imperial Walkers
12 Hillbilly Walkers

Thang 1
The Longest Mile:
10 Burpees
Run 100 meters
10 Squats
Run 100 meters
10 Big Boy Sit Ups
Run 100 meters
10 Merkins
Run 100 meters
 Wait on the six with Flutter Kicks, Plank, or Al Gore
4 Rounds

Thang 2
Mosey to hill behind the Hall of Justice
11's starting with 10 2-Count Mountain Climbers
Bear Crawl up the hill and 1 2-Count Freddy Mercury
Mosey down the hill
then you know the drill…
 9 MCs – Bear Crawl – 2 FMs – Mosey
 8 MCs – Bear Craw – 3 FMs – Mosey
…so on and so forth

Continuing Open House week so continue to invite new guys as FNG's to the remaining AO's.  Topping off the week at Armory with breakfast and extended Coffeteria.
Murfreesboro launching  new AO – keep a look out for more details from Heidi as he will be join
The Well could use some volunteers for the concert they are host featuring Casting Crowns on 5/14 – volunteering gets you 2 tix!
Mother's Day is Sunday – Plan accordingly!

Prayer Request:
@Three’s Company sister who recently has a miscarriage
@Cross-Stitch road trip to care for his G-Ma in Michigan
@Cosmo (and for all of us, right?) to have wisdom and patience in handling certain situations within our marriage

@Jalisco shared about the Battle of Puebla whish is celebrated in the City of Puebla specifically and not the entire country of Mexico.  It was a battle that was stacked against the Mexican forces against the French and the Mexicans ended up winning the fight which was a huge turning point in leading up to their eventual independence.  So when you feel the cards are stacked against you in whatever situation, take hope, lean into your resources (like F3), and keep fighting the good fight!  Don't just fall down because it's hard.
(I think i got the jist of it right, @Jalisco?!?)
Thanks for letting us lead this morning as it is always an honor to lead the HIM of F3SH!

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