Fort Pain – 9.22.2021

Cloudy with a Chance of Burpees

PAX: @Commodore @Sully @Night Light @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Heidi (1st F Q) @Three’s Company @Offsides @Paperboy @Soul Glo @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Mulligan @Corncob @Procter @Aflac @Operation @Reset @Cosmo (YHC)
QIC: @Cosmo

Conditions: Wet, except when it wasn’t.

Warmup: Lolz, what’s that? Let’s mosey.

Thang 1
Mosey around playground to the bottom of the paved hill, stopping three times along the way for various exercises.

Thang 2
PAX sprints up the hill to the light pole and does one burpee together, mosey back down, repeat but now 2 burpees, etc.We did maybe 4 of these before YHC was feeling gassed was benevolent, merciful, and kind enough to reward @Night Light‘s hard charging efforts by going to the next thang.

Thang 2
At PeeWee’s Playhouse, form up into groups of 3. #1 alternates Dips and Step Ups. #2 alternates merkins and LBCs. #3 runs from the playhouse to base of hill then back. Once the runner gets back, rotate positions. We did probably 3 full rotations.

Thang 3
Mosey back down to the flags for 5 minutes of Mary.

Check slack and The Eagle

Prayer Requests
@Heidi (1st F Q)‘s M meeting with surgeon soon. Strength for her, the family, and the surgeon.

Sorry, had to be there to hear it.

Today’s Motto: Suck Less.

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