Fort Pain – 8.18.21

18 PAX | Prefect Conditions to Work
@Baby Gap @Corncob @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Three’s Company @Soul Glo @Chowdah – Community Outreach @Tijuana @Operation @Procter @Timeshare @Night Light @Jalisco @Blackout @Lone Star @Veronica @Tiny Dancer FNG @Reset and YHC @Foosball
Warm o Rama
– SSH, heel taps, good mornings,
– Merk into supreme man (all one minute)
– Gorilla hops
– Stomach and around the world
Count up Burpee: 1, 2, 3….10
GRAB A CONE: 45 seconds on 15 off x3 then sprint around the circle
– Jump overs or high knees
– Merk and touch cone
– Squat/jump and pick up or
– Burpee jump over
– V over the con
Count Down Burpee: 10, 9, 8…..5 (time)
crucible and Tribute Tues starts next week
Prayer Requests:
– Debbie’s friend’s baby
– Cosmo sister in law, baby is healthy, momma not doing well
– All the troops who have served, specially cosmos froend. Give them strength.
– Timeshare: ms foot
– Hiedi- m
– Pancreas: m and vertigo
– Fico brother
– Offsides – 2.0 has temp
– Baby Bristol – excited to see her
– Tijuana – boys out fundraiser
Tim Duncan, who you may know as a prolific center and a first ballot HOFer. But he was also know for his poise and steadfastness, nearly unflappable. He had the benefit of learning from David Robinson aka the Admiral.
“People always ask, 'What did he tell you? What did he show you?’ I don't remember one thing we sat down and talked about specifically. But what he did was he was a consummate pro, he was an incredible father, he was an incredible person, and he showed me how to be a good teammate, a great person to the community, all those things. Not by sitting there and telling me how to do it, but by being that.”
And that’s what we’re here to achieve. To be that for our 2.0s, our wives, our family and community. But most importantly each other. It starts here. It’s not about knowing what it takes to be good, just BE GOOD.
Foos Out.

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