Fort Pain – 8.12.2020

11 Strong HIM embraced the gloom this morning for some SOLID #fort-pain action!
PAX: @Peewee @Toastmaster @Foosball @Dizzy Gillespie @Pancreas @MacGruber @Heidi @Rudolph @Lone Star @Three’s Company
QIC: @Cosmo
The PAX gathered in the parking lot to share some mumble chatter,  specifically about the numerous police cruisers near the gas station. Probably nothing serious. When does anything exciting happen in our small town?
Pigeon Stretches
Good Mornings
Abe Vogodas
Willie May Hays
25 SSHs in cadence
At this point an unmarked LEO SUV rolled up and informed us of a failed armed hijacking, armed suspects on the loose, and that search dogs were about to be deployed. WHAT!? NOT AT OUR FORT PAIN!! PAX POSSE, LET'S MOSEY! 
Q appointed @Foosball as Caretaker of the Cones and @Toastmaster as Shielder of the Speaker.
Mosey to top of the hill for some breathing room and for @Heidi to warn a Jeremy that there were bandits on the prowl and he'd be safer in our group. He declined and left. Maybe next time, Jeremy…maybe next time.
Thang 1 – 10 Minute AMRAP (Ab Blaster)
20 American Hammers
20 4-Count Flutter Kicks
30 LBCs
40 Yard Sprint
@Pancreas gave us the most reps, so he was the new Caretaker of the Cones.
Hmmm…no bandits 'round these parts. Let's ride! Mosey on the running path to the Post Office. At this point the police helicopter made an appearance for some low passes and 3 LEOs came SCREAMING down the road and into the park. No fear fellas, F3 is on patrol and the fort is secure.
Thang 2 – 3-Round Partner Relay (Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 exercises, then swap, then move to new exercise until one whole round is completed)
ROUND 1 (6X at 50% speed) 100 YARDS
Shoulder Taps
Flutter Kicks
Virgin Alabama Prom Dates
ROUND 2 (6X at 70-80% speed) 50 YARDS
1-Leg V-Ups
Mountain Climbers
Drop Squats
Flutter Kicks
ROUND 3 (6x at 100% speed) MAXIMUM EFFORT!!!! 25 YARDS
Freddie Mercuries
Iron Mikes
Spiderman Pushups
PAX only got through Round 1 (and a little bit into Round 2 for some) before we had to mosey on. Also, the field claimed its first official #fort-pain casualty as YHC's left foot found a gnarly hole, taking a tumble to the ground with an ankle injury. Heard a pop but thankfully it wasn't broken. Besides, YOU CAN'T STOP PRIMETIME WOOOOOO!
Also, Caretaker of the Cones was returned to @Foosball for bravely laying down his hat to mark the murder hole in the field. His service will never be forgotten.
Regardless, the entire PAX made the mosey back to the parking lot in time for a final round of Failure to Launch before time was called.
Be sure to HC for #the-trapp
@Pancreas has the Q at #the-armory
@Peewee has called for his VQ next week at #fort-pain. Bring on the Cervezas!
Prayer Request
Safe travels and some R&R for @ragdoll
Hope @Bogo is doing well and returns to us with his running prowess
Our families, work, and homes.
YHC recited 2 Corinthians 12, focusing on “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” It's hard, as men, to admit our weaknesses but Paul embraced his weaknesses. He delights “in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.” None of us can tackle the world alone. This is why it's important to believe in something larger than yourself, because it is through that you will find strength when you are weak.
Great Post from everyone, loved the energy, RIP my ankle. Cosmo out!

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