Fort Pain – 7.28.21

10 PAX @Peewee (TRAPP) @Corncob @Cross-Stitch @Offsides @Procter @Timeshare @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Blackout @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Hot Mic

 Warm-up prior to 5:30 AM and be ready to mosey.
Pick up coupons and mosey over to the grass field toward the Post office
Workout briefing:
3 – 5 Minute EMOM Circuits, each circuit will be completed 3 times. Put together by my daughter Shaley.
Circuit #1 (Repeat 3 time):
10 Devil Press with 40# coupon
20 Broadjump Shuffle – 1 Broad jump forward the politician back to start
30 Sit-Throughs. Some of you have seen this before when I used it but for many it was new. I think we will be seeing more of this in future workouts, I know @Foosball (3rdFQ) liked it.
25 Up/Down High/Low Planks
Circuit #2 (Repeat 3 time):
30 Alt arm/leg V-up toe touch
20 Knee to elbow Plank – Slower movement Right knee to left elbow and vice versa
20 Big Boys with American Hammer.
25 Tuck-Ups. Arms and legs extended then come together with upper body lifting off the ground
Circuit #3 (Repeat 3 time):
25 Single Leg Side Jumps – With each jump pause to stabilize and back to the other side. Not Apollo Onos
15 Inch Worms with Merkin
25 Jump Squat with 180 degree turn. This before the shuttle runs was brutal or maybe it was lack of sleep
4 rounds of 25 Meter (there and back) shuttle run.
@Billy Madison VQ tomorrow at #ao-trapp. Go now to HC
Changing of the guard taking place but failed to write with AO
@FICO has Armory this Saturday. The EH is eerily reminiscent of mine last week making me wonder how bad this will be. :blush:
Prayer Request:
@Timeshare M
@Chowdah – Community Outreach M
@Offsides Grandmother has COVID
@Corncob Traveling
@Blackout 2.0, could not go to camp due to sickness. On meds Can possibly head up tomorrow if improvement.
Mole Skin:
I deviated a little from the track I was running on with Moleskin challenges from my BVI experience, but this was a topic of discussion.
I talked about forgiveness.  As Christians to be true Christ-followers we need to be willing to forgive in the same way Christ has forgiven us. It’s not about if someone deserves it or not, none of us deserve the forgiveness we receive in Christ. It’s about obedience and it’s about freedom for you.
Who are you angry with or at, M, yourself, co-worker, God? Many times the only person our anger and bitterness hurt is ourselves. Many times if we are angry at someone else they don’t even know it or realize it and we are the one being kept down and held back because of it.
Take a few minutes to think about who you may be holding a grudge against and let it go. Free yourself and live the life Christ is calling you to.
Hot Mic Out!

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