Fort Pain 5K – 7.29.2020

A record 15 PAX came out this morning to get better at the inaugural Fort Pain 5K!
PAX: @Operation, @Peewee, @Lone Star, @Pancreas, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Rudolph, @ragdoll, @Tiny Dancer, @Foosball, @Toastmaster, @Joey Freshwater, @Cosmo, BNE, and FNG Milk Man!
QIC: Heidi

A few stretches, on your own, then off to the races!

The FP5K consists of 3 laps on the trail around the parking lot, starting and stopping each lap at the “start lines” in the street. Each lap was started with SSH at the start/finish line, then we hit 3 speed bumps along the way.
SB1 = Merkins, SB2 = Dips, SB3 = LBCs

Lap 1:
We moseyed together as a group, hitting 10 reps at each speed bump

Laps 2 & 3:
PAX ran at their own pace, but when reaching a speed bump had to continuously do the exercise until the six showed up and then everyone did 10 reps together before resuming the mosey OYO.

Time caught up to us and we had to cut the last lap a little short and only cleared about 2.8 miles. Still a great run and good preview of what to expect at Crucible!

CRUCIBLE IS THIS SATURDAY! Leg 1 starting point is 5AM at LOWE'S parking lot. This is also the halfway point and where leg 2 will start at 7AM'ish.
Standard tomorrow, then NO AO's on Friday.  Rest up!
Armory on Saturday is cancelled due to Crucible

Pancreas' father-in-law still battling shingles
Prayers for our school systems, administrators, teachers, and students during this crazy and difficult time
Prayers for our society and the divisiveness that seems to prominent in today's world.
Prayers for us to be HIM in our homes, workplace, and community.

I'd like to leave you with some notes that I've jotted down from various sermons I've watched online in the last few weeks, mainly focusing on our society and the current state of people's hearts and minds:
We live in the age of outrage
If you don't believe in something above you, you will sub-come to the things around you
You (and your social media posts) are a reflection of the God you claim to believe in. Which God are you representing?
People are so busy judging and criticizing others that we don't look at ourselves. Remove the plank from your own eye first.

Everyone has a “social enemy”, someone that feels or thinks differently than you do. It may be about a political party, or whether you should or shouldn't wear a mask, or whether or not you like Seinfeld (I do not). Whatever the case, we tend to pick a side and fight against the other side. Jesus was the social enemy of his day. In a society where women were property, lepers were shunned, and tax collectors hated, He would go to each and show them love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and healing, many times to the shock of those around him. He would regularly step out against the accepted social norms in order to reach people.

As a society, we have lost that. We tend to want to destroy the other “side”, and their line of thinking, in order to prove ourselves right.
Do not become so focused on winning the argument, that you lose the person. Let your words and actions be a reflection of God's kingdom.

SYITG, Heidi

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