Fort Pain 500 – 11.11.2020

10 men showed up and put in work this morning.
@Tiny Dancer @Heidi @Dizzy Gillespie @Cosmo @Timeshare @Lone Star @Three’s Company @ragdoll @Peewee and YHC
First and foremost we show appreciation for our troops today, and every other day. Those who are serving and those who have served. Happy Veterans Day.
Warmorama: SSH, Climbers Mountañas, pancreas’, good mornin’s, willie Mays, lunges.
{start your engines} Fort Pain 500 (300 completed)
First Lap
– 6 stations of 20 reps of hand release Merks
– MOT: gorilla crawls
Second Lap
– 5 stations of 20 rep shoulder taps
– MOT: crab walk
3rd lap
– 5 stations of 20 squat jumps
– mot: mosie
Final two laps were called for debris on the track. Mainly @Cosmo ‘s belches.
Mary: flutter kicks, 3 ways v ups, American twists, and 2 min plank.
Prayer request:
– continued prayers for @Timeshare ‘s M, good news that yesterday’s tests went well
– continued prayers for @Tiny Dancer ‘s M’s friend
– elmer fudd’s M
– and prayers for our troops
Get better every day.

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