Fort Pain – 5.13.21

The gloom was unBEARable this morning at Ft Pain. 23 HIM showed up for a Bear Attack! Let me tell you what but was it grizzly! @thinmint @Lone Star @Cosmo @Blackout @Operation @Underroos @Jalisco @Soul Glo @ToeJam @Timeshare @Fertile Myrtle @Blue Buffalo @Soul Surfer @MapQuest @Tijuana @Veronica @Heidi @Peewee @Flash Dance @Rudolph @Ginsu FNG @Procter and YHC @Dizzy Gillespie

There was a disclaimer. I discovered that being winded makes it very hard to count.
10 merkins
Mtn climber
Cobra Kai
Abe viggota
Back BACs
Moroccan Night Clubs (there was some mumblechatter over the amount of these. Someone gave me a dirty look)

HIM skip to the end of the pavement closest to the road and line up in a single file line in plank position
Bear Crawl Inch Worm for 2 lengths of the PAX. The PAX held the plank while the guy at the back bear crawled to the front of the line, then the next guy went. We did this twice and then slowly trotted (it was too slow to call it a mosey) to the next Spot and partnered up for the Bear Crawl Relay and some Dora.

Thang 1
Bear Crawl Relay each partner group did a cumulative of the following exercises while one partner Bear crawled out and back then flip flop.
100 merkins
200 squats
300 LBC
Al Gore for the 6.

Burpee Bear Crawl across the field to the parking lot. This was a huge success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and no one complained. Start at the beginning of a burpee but at the top of the merkin, bear crawl forward. When you hear someone say “Grizzly” jump up and finish the burpee and begin Bear crawling again. @Cosmo clarified that anyone can say “Grizzly”. So the PAX heard “did you see that Grizzly?” Then someone said “Did he say Grizzly?” And someone else said “yep, he said Grizzly.” And we just did 3 burpees.

Finished with 10 minutes of Mary
25 Big boys
25 American hammers
15 more American hammers (cause I can’t count)
Probably about 4 Alarm Clocks (lay on the ground with head and ankles touching the ground and jump up when the alarm goes off.)
Diamond merkins
Chuck Norris

Friday is QSource
Mboro new Saturday AO
FRIDAY talk to @Chowdah about volunteering for set up the Well outreach fundraiser
Talk to @Cosmo about rucking. Big things are happening in the rucking world

Prayer Requests
@MapQuest—Indian coworkers suffering from COVID
@Offsides daughter diagnosed with diabetes
@Stags continued recovery
@Underroos friend Steve recovering from addiction

It was fun. It was great. —Dizzy out

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