Fort Pain – 4.21.21

16 PAX got out of their warm bed and braved an April winter storm to come get stronger at Fort Pain today!
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QIC: Heidi

Other Stuff

Thang 1:
PAX rotated through 5 pullups, 10 Merkins, 15 squats, and running 1 lap around the Pain Ground. Split into 2 groups to stagger the PAX.
R-n-R until Q called time.  After about 20 minutes PAX started grumbling about doing a Wednesday Murph, so we moved on to something else.

Thang 2:
We moved over to the Field Of Pain where we simply went from one side of the FOP to the other, changing our MOT each time, with American Hammers in between:
Bear Crawl across the FOP – 25 American Hammers
Burpee Broad Jump back across – 25 American Hammers
Lunge Walks across – 25 American Hammers
Politician back across – 25 American Hammers


F3 Dad's FUN Day is THIS Sunday. See @Dizzy Gillespie for details
Need volunteers for Saturday's “Can Ya Dig It?” event.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  We've been wanting to get involved in the community, and Spring Hill Parks & Rec reached out us asking for volunteers. We need F3SH to stand up and represent.  See @Chowdah for details.  Also, as of last night THEY HAVE CHANGED THE LOCATION!

@Three’s Company – family traveling to Mouse Kingdom in Orlando
@ToeJam's toe jam (hurt foot), and others in our group on the IR list

Lately I've been focusing on how I interact with people. Both at work and at home, I tend to be condescending and grumpy at times when dealing with others. Mostly in my mind, but sometimes when speaking my frustrations will come out. People come to me for help at work, and I get annoyed. A phrase that I try to remember is “If they knew what you knew, they would do what you do”, meaning they wouldn't be asking for my help if they already knew how to do it.
I saw a sermon this past Sunday where they talked about “You vs I statements”.  When you talk to people, even (especially!) your M, the way you phrase things can elicit either a sympathetic or defensive reaction.  “You don't help me.” comes across as an attack, “I would like for you to help me” comes across as a request.  I need to be more intentional in using this in how I phrase things.
My prayer for you: May we go through each day, acting in a way that reflects Christ and brings glory to God. “May they see You through me”.

SYITG, Heidi

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