Fort Pain – 4.07.21

26 HIMs got better this morning. @Cosmo @Tiny Dancer @Frisbee Buff @Pre-K @Lone Star @Hot Mic @2Buck @odouls @Ginsu @MaryAnne @Rudolph @Dipstick @ToeJam @Dizzy Gillespie @Peewee @deliverance @sweatypalms @Offsides @Jalisco @Fertile Myrtle @Heidi @Mike Leak @Kwame @Timeshare @Sully and YHC
We prefaced this workout to accept the mindset of fight. During the workout, when a PAX is to find himself at his end, he is to envision something happening to his M. And he MUST muster up the energy to fight.Before the start each pack said their M’s name out loud to keep her front of mind.

Mosie around trail
Stop #1: Bacs and Bac-Bacs, WMH, and IC (@lonestar help me with the name here) Windmills 25
Stop #2: Merks into downward dog, runners lunge… and maybe thats it.

11’s on the “small hill”
bottom: Herpees (burpee with no push up)
Top: Jump squats
MOT: Bearcrawl up and down
Midway down (ea time) 5 count ATMs (Alt shoulder tap, tempo merks, and merks)

To the Hill (leading up to Peewee’ playhouse)
two segment w/ a midway point
UP: Sprint first half and broad jump (or bunny hop per @Timeshare the second half)
DOWN: Mosie and bearcrawl
Rinse and repeat for time

V-ups IC to 15? maybe 20?
10 big boys OYO
Crabby to touchies IC made it to 8-9 then had to restart for bad counting.

Gauntlet in two weeks (Nolesville CSUAP)
#QSource THIS friday at Hall of Justice
I know I am missing one

Pray Requests:
Continued prayers over LMP from Nolesville and the loss of his M.
Kwame’s Sister in-law Kim’s family who all has covid and pray for a recovery of her husband who is currently on oxygen.
@Sully ‘s m and her ongoing health issues, need clarity and recovery

At the center of our concentrica lies our M, the most important person in the life of PAX.
With our finite time (arrows) we focus efforts on this relationship because they makes or breaks all other relationships.

Its not a two way street, we must set expectations to serve 100% of the way, leaving out resentment
The fight we are willing to put up is not just in a physical sense, in form of protection, but in relational and spiritual. There should never be any question to your M that she is your most important. Sure you may feel like it, but do you show it? Not just time to time, but everytime, in every moment. Choose JOY over happiness.

Foos out.

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