Fort Pain – 3.18.2020

6 were present for today’s fog-induced Super Gloom! I hope everyone brought their bad shoes…PAX: @Tiny Dancer, @Lone Star, @Cosmo, @Foosball, and the return of @Ripcord!QIC: @Operation

• Mountain climbers
• Runner’s stretch with ARMS UP
• Arm circlesQ explained that location was scouted yesterday with 2.0 Asteroid, who became worried that working out on the road was too dangerous and instructed us to stay off the road. So all work was done in the field!Mosey to light up the field.

4 cones with glow sticks were laid out the length of Fort Pain’s big field. Pretend it’s a French beach.
Sprint from start to first cone, then
Dead leg drag to second cone, then
Low plank crawl to third cone, then
Bear crawl to fourth cone, then
Sprint to the top of hill at the back, then
20 burpees, because Nazis hate burpees
30 Apollo Onos (side to side is one)

Field of Dreams
(from F3 website)
Arrange cones in square. Split into 4 groups (so two PAX were solo with there being 6 of us). Imagine the cones are on a baseball field:
First base is merkins
Second base is squats
Third base is LBCs
Person at home plate starts off with 15 burpees while everyone else does the workout of their base continuously. After burpees run to first and start merkins, while first base runners takes second, PAX on second take third, and PAX on third go home and do 15 burpees before going to first base and everyone gets pushed one more base. Go until everyone has done the burpees.40 Apollo Onos (side to side is one)Sprint to corners of the square for low plank, then collect cones and head back to cars.Mary on the grass with American Hammers, LBCs, WW2s, and Imperial Walkers

Come out for Armory this week then Fort Pain next week for back to back @Tiny Dancer Qs.
Crucible still scheduled for 4/25
There are donuts somewhere, @Lone Star knows more
Post electronic media from our churches to 3rdf channel as most in-person services are cancelled

Prayer requests
Our community as it struggles with repercussions of the outbreak
2 attending physicians at VU Children’s tested positive for COVID-19
Patience with spouses and kids as we spend more enclosed time together
School system as it has to adapt to closures

Men, it’s a tough time out there, these days especially. A lot of people are worried, and I feel that way sometimes too. We need more than ever to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. This week remember to encourage those around you, reassure your household that you are there for them, and please reach out to this group if you are struggling with anything. We’re all in this together.

Op out

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