Fort Pain – 3.10.21

22 HIM shoes up to Ft Pain for a sweat fest that their entire body will be thanking them for all day!  It also saw the triumphant return of @Rudolph!!!!  We missed you and are glad you are back in the gloom with us again!
@Dipstick@Cross-Stitch @Ginsu @Pancreas @Three’s Company (when’s your bday?) @Heidi @Timeshare @Tijuana @Operation @Cosmo(as old as democracy) @Jazz Hands @Dizzy Gillespie @Lone Star @Sully @Rudolph @Peewee @Mike Leak @Tiny Dancer @toejam (FNG) @Foosball @Kwame and YHC @2Buck
F3SH has a new streak that’s worth extending. How many days in a row can we have an FNG?
Current streak: 3 Days
Concurrent Streak:  all 3 FNGs walked away with an anatomical music name – @Mike Leak (Flashdance), @Jazz Hands, and this morning brought us @toejam (get it? Jam, like jamming, like music, like my moleskin…oh wait)
Arm Circles
Quad walks
Knee Pulls
Inch worm merkins – add a merkin each time
Mosey to base of hill
Thang 1:
10 kickout burpees
Run up top of parking garage
15 jump squats
Run down
Plank Hold till everyone is done
Thang 2:
5min EMOM
1 – 10 sec Iron Mikes 50 sec MTN climbers
2 – 20/40
3 – 30/30
4 – 40/20
5 – 50/10
Thang 3:
12 min TABATA
-Decline/Incline/Handstand merkins (against concrete wall)
-Floor taps
-Shoulder tap merkins
– ½ Burpees
Thang 4:
AMRAP (5 min)
10 box jumps or step ups,
10 merkins/derkins/knurkins or plyo Merkins
Mosey to the Hall of Justice
Song by Sanctus Real
“Lead me”
We often place other things ahead of what’s important
Sometimes my fitness goals can unseat God from his thrown.
But don’t be discouraged, God is always waiting to lead us back to him so we can lead our families and leave a legacy that honors Him.
“Lead me because I can’t do this alone”
FNG – Toe Jam – Welcome to the PAX!
Convergence – Match 27th
– park at Baptist church
Shield Lock – talk to Pacreas
The Queen – starts 4/5
Praise – Mike Fennema made it home yesterday!!!!

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