Fort Pain – 2.25.21

21 HIM took to dance floor of #fort-pain this morning and got dirty. (See the video of the NameORama for a visual representation of the aftermath)
Thank you all for allowing me to lead this morning.
@Pre-K @Jiffy Lube @Fertile Myrtle @Kwame @Heidi @Three’s Company @Lone Star @Foosball @Peewee @Timeshare @2Buck @Jalisco @MaryAnne @Ginsu @Chowdah @Dizzy Gillespie @ThirdWheel @Cosmo @Tijuana @Joey Freshwater  and QIC: @Dipstick
OYO Arm stretches
OYO Leg stretches
Overhead stretch/lean
5x Merkin SSLLOOOWWW, on my count
5x Squat SSLLOOOWWW, on my count
Cha Cha Slide *short song version (thanks to my daughter for that beating)
5 V-up to 5 J-Lo (L+R=1)
50 each, air sit to the 6
Ladder reps 1-5
-Left leg lift
-Right leg lift
*Plank to the 6
(A “manified” version of a workout by my daughter.)
Cone work relay:
Bunny hops
Tactical roll x3
Broad jumps
*Overhead press for all while waiting
Zombie (infection) tag in cone area to last man standing. Couple rounds of dirty fun.
Cha Cha Slide *short song version
    -with modifications for most of us at this point.
A little Mary to time
Cannonball run March 6.
CSAUP moved to May.
Q source meeting next Friday.
Get your HC in for @Peewee on Q tomorrow at #the-trapp
Friday morning 5:30 leaving from Harvey Park to clown car too @Aladdin new coffee shop in Columbia.
#2ndf lunch tomorrow
Prayer Requests:
@2Buck  m surgery is now scheduled for mid July. Praise that they have a timeline, pray for health and peace during the wait.
@Joey Freshwater having a tough love, accountability conversation with a friend. Prayer for patience and direction.
Moleskin #moleskins
Inspired by the weight that a lot of us are carrying on a daily basis, I read from this article by Tony Dungy. (edited) 

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