Fort Pain – 2.17.21

Attitude is Everything!
PAX: @Lone Star @Foosball @Peewee @Fertile Myrtle @Operation @Heidi @odouls @2Buck @Chowdah @Sully @Dipstick @Cosmo @Pancreas
QiC: @Pre-K
It was a beautiful 17* morning when the pax started to arrive. As people were chatting 5:30 struct and YHC gave a quick introduction then straight into a mosey. With a random 5 and 10 count burpees along the way and some Politicians at the hill we made it to peewees playhouse.
* Side straddle hops -IC x50
*  BAC – IC x15
* Back BAC -IC x15
* Overhead flaps – IC x10
* Michael Phelps – OYO
* Willy Mays hay’s – OYO
* Good mornings – OYO
Mosey to front field . We formed two lines and did a bear crawl Indian run across the field. After this lovely task, we turned around to lunge walk back to mid-field to finish up with alligator merkins to the parking lot.
Dora – Mosey to front entrance between partners.
1. 50 burpees
2. 100 merkins
3. 200 LBC
4. 300 Squat jumps
6:15 – that’s a wrap. Count off, Name-o-Rama
* March 6th cannon ball run
* The Standard is moving to Battleground. Every Thursday at 4:45AM
* @Bogo has TRAPP tomorrow and @Foosball has Muscle Beach Friday
Prayer Request:
* @Fertile Myrtle job meeting and his family.
* @Dipstick brother-in law has been having a hard times with loss of family and now his cat.
* @Pancreas friend who in the hospital and that his M has safe travels to visit yen
* @Ron Swanson Friends family whose dad recently passed
Attitude is Everything!
By: Taylor Lockwood – Heath coach
Attitude really is everything. It’s amazing how different our life experience can be depending on our attitude.
Attitude is really just perspective. It’s how we choose to view our life, and how we choose to respond to things that happen in our life.
By definition, attitude is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”
*Our attitude is a choice*
We choose how to think or feel about something and then as a result behave a certain way in response, so our behavior is in turn a response to our attitude not the other way around!
Want to change how you experience life?
*Change your thinking.*
Want to change your behavior?
*Change your attitude.*
Our thoughts, perspectives and attitudes are not set in stone. We have more control over our life experience than we think.
**Thank you- thank you for allowing me to lead today gentleman. I hope this workout pushed you! Stay Safe and warm. **
– Pre-K out

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