Fort Pain – 2.10.21

We Built It, And Everyone Came
Today’s beatdown marked the single highest-attended event in F3SH history, with 27 HIM pushing themselves and each other through the Course of Pain! Special welcome to 3 of our brothers from Nolensville!
PAX: @ThirdWheel, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Deliverance, @Joey Freshwater, @Hot Mic, @Ginsu, @Heidi, @Kwame, @2Buck, @Dipstick, @Pre-K, @Mulligan, @Fertile Myrtle, @Sweaty Palms, @MaryAnne, @Foosball, @Peewee, @Cosmo, @Three’s Company, @Jalisco, @Stair Master, @Front Bits, @Lone Star, @Pancreas, @Chowdah, FNG @Jiffy Lube
QIC: @Operation
Special thanks to @Pancreas for helping with course setup
High Knees
Mountain Climbers
Good Mornings
Runner stretch + arm circles
Downward dog
Thang – Course of Pain
Divided PAX into 5 groups of 5-6 HIM each. The COP has 7 stations, and each group started at a different station and went around the course as much as possible in the time allotted. The workout at each station was written on the ground and/or on a brick, with a chalk line guiding PAX along the course…mostly. The rep counts for stations had to be completed in total by each group, as opposed to each PAX doing the same number of reps.
Station 1: 100 Burpees, 200 J-Los
Station 2: Duck walk part of the path
Station 3: 100 Carolina dry docks, 100 WWIs
Station 4: Burpee broad jump part of the road (this was everyone’s favorite)
Station 5: 100 Jackass Merkins (merkin + donkey kick), 200 LBCs
Station 6: (at the Playhouse) 200 Dips, 100 Derkins
Station 7: Bear crawl down grass hill to walking path, sprint back to pavement at Playhouse
Looked like each group finished about 1 loop + 3 stations.
Gathered PAX and finished last minute with jackass merkins.
-Cannonball Run:  come out to Sarah Benson park 3/6, 5am, or 445 stretching preparty
Prayer requests
– @Timeshare’s friend Dolph recovering from multiple health issues
– @Timeshare’s family suffering multiple deaths in past week
– @Fertile Myrtle has new career-related opportunity meeting today
– @Dipstick praise for an emotionally stable visit with family in CO
– @Hot Mic father-in-law has open heart surgery upcoming
– @Jiffy Lube (FNG) has friend’s mother being moved to hospice
-6th man check in: @Jalisco grateful for health of his newborn nephew, only praise otherwise
All men go through struggles in life, without exception. Today’s beatdown was symbolic of something that is critical to maintaining mental and spiritual health in those times: a group of men that can share in the struggle. We face obstacles and pain all the time, some more intense than others. Other men understand the unique ways we experience life, that can’t always be appreciated by our Ms. We need a space where we can unload what’s weighing on our minds, to process out loud what burns inside. What does that mean for us?
1. No matter your struggle or obstacle, you are not alone. You are not the first nor the last to face whatever difficulty faces you now. Make sure you are sharing that with a trusted group of guys. Or grab one or a few few HIM from F3 to make that happen.
2. We also have a responsibility to our fellow men to proactively reach out in the other direction. Keep your eyes and ears open to other men, not just in F3, to see if you have an opportunity to step in and take on some emotional weight. Like with the workout, sometimes that means pushing someone through the pain, to power through the end to recognize the growth that push creates. Other times, it’s a matter of taking some ‘reps’ off of someone in recognition of the fact that sometimes the load is too much.
Proud to be part of this brotherhood!
Op out

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