Fort Pain – 12.30.2020

16 Gloombusters closed out the 2020 year of Fort Pain this morning and got stronger together.
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Welcome to F3SH, Tequila…er…Tuscaloosa…er…Tullahoma…er…, oh yeah… @tijuana

Also important to note that @Kwame was not in attendance, who has a history of not showing for Pancreas' Q's and events (TP20). I show for his Q's (Armory, Uprising) and events (24HRM), but no sign of Dr. Detroit this morning. Pffff. 
Mosey from Shovel Flag toward PeeWee's Playhouse, pausing along the way for lunges, Merkins, squats, and politicians.
Circled up near PeeWee's Playhouse, where the Q unveiled the BOX OF PAIN. Each HIM took a paper from the BOX OF PAIN, called out the exercise written on the paper, and after the PAX completed the exercise together, passed the BOX OF PAIN to the HIM on his left. Rinse and repeat. @Peewee didn't hear the Q explain to take the paper from the top…or maybe the Q didn't explain properly, which could very well be the case.
Simple goal this morning: 20 exercises x 100 reps each, plus one bonus exercise to accumulate a total of 2020 reps!
Exercises performed (not exactly in this order):
SSH (1:1)
Shoulder Press (4:1)
Alabama Prom Dates
Moroccan Night Clubs (2:1) – these really silenced the mumblechatter
Iron Mikes (1:1)
Flutter Kicks (2:1)
Cross-climbers (2:1)
Apollo Ohnos: (1:1)
Tricep dips
Shoulder taps (2:1) – Q shortened to 1:1 around 2/3 way through
American Hammers (2:1)
High Knees (2:1) – @Tiny Dancer curiously migrated into the center of the circle to show off his rapid Flashdance moves
Freddie Mercuries (1:1)
Al Gore's Inconvenient Alternating Calf Raises (1:1) – not sure if anyone got this title but it amused me, so that counts for something
Crabby Toe Touches (1:1) – Q shortened to 50 reps
With time running out, Q eliminated Low Plank Clover Pickers (1:1) and Supermans, but encouraged the PAX to complete 100 reps each at home sometime today
Finished with 20 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (Q shorted to regular burpees after 10)
TIME! Over time, but fairly close. It was a lot to fit in, even into an hour. With the 4 and 2-count reps, we definitely completed at least 2020 reps this morning. Great work, men!!
@2Buck’s TRAPP field trip tomorrow, starting at McDonald's by Church of the City at 5:30
Convergence Resurgence, 6:00am at Fort Pain, New Year's Day. BE THERE and INVITE lots of dudes!
@Dizzy Gillespie on Q at Armory on Saturday
@Cosmo is starting the Rucking AO on Saturday at 5:30am, Harvey Park. Finish at 7:00 for coffeeteria with the Armory HIM
Prayer Requests
@Tiny Dancer 's workplace, coworkers, and surrounding people affected by the bombing in Nashville
@Bogo 's parents healing from COVID
@2Buck 's job search
PAX who are sick, injured, or DR
In the movie It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey was discouraged and discontented toward the end of the story, to the point of regretting that he was ever born. In the first scene when he came home, he was unhappy with the state of his house, frustrated with his children, irritated with his wife, and discontent with his entire life. After Clarence showed him what the world would have been like without him, he is moved to the point of wanting to live again. Upon receiving a second chance, when he entered his home, he was full of gratitude and contentment. He kissed the loose knob on the stair banister. He embraced his kids and kissed his wife passionately. He didn't mind his son playing the piano. He came down the stairs with kids hanging all over him, exuding a renewed gratitude for his family and life.
What I forgot to mention during Moleskin this morning was what happened next! With his renewed perspective, George faced with joy the challenge ahead of owing money to the collectors. And THEN, he discovered the impact he had made on the people of his community over the years and found out how loved he was by those around him.
Gratitude and contentment are key qualities as we journey through this life to be effective HIM for the Lord and the people around us – especially our family.
George's life turned out differently than he planned and he never accomplished many of his life goals. That is often the case with many of us. HOWEVER, George discovered something far more important: his life was selfless and positively impacted dozens of people and families in his town, in addition to his own family.
The Lord, in his sovereignty and grace, gives meaning and purpose to our lives that we may not realize. Don't let the gloom of comparison, discouragement, and discontent take you out. Keep fighting and trusting that God will use you as a HIM for His glory!
Thanks again for allowing me to lead this morning, brothers! Pancreas out.

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