Fort Pain – 12.29.2021

7 HIM showed up for the last batch of pain baked for 2021. Today's workout comes from the school of @Heidi (1st F Q) and @Tiny Dancer, as the Thang is 3 lines.
PAX: @Pancreas @Jalisco @Reset @Blackout @Offsides @Cosmo @Operation
FNGs: None
Q: @Operation
Lunges, squats, Mtn Climbers, stretches, high knees. Mosey to crosswalk a few steps from start
Burpee broad jump to the playhouse at the end of the road
41 American Hammers (4-count)
Bear crawl back until time
T-Claps to @Jalisco for demolishing the workout today. He was a distant figure leading the charge on the BBJs all the way to the end and then decided that no one calls time on his bear crawls, taking them all the way back to the start even after time was called on the way there.
12/31 new running AO at Station Hill Church
See new meal train link for @Casanova
The above and more in #_announcements
Prayer Requests
Moments of vulnerability shared regarding marriage and parenting. All PAX should know the other HIM are here when needed.
Today's burpee broad jumps were long, monotonous, and difficult. Sometimes life is like that, and there is no going around doing repetitive difficult things. Remember there is an end, and even though it is difficult, possibly boring to push through, you have to keep at it to reach the end. It's hard to parent with patience and grace when it's the 35th time you address an issue, but the desired result only comes when you put in the hard work of controlling your thoughts and actions. Or it could be at your job, where your day is filled with the same hard task over and over, but in service to providing for your family.
Some things are hard, but strength comes from pushing through to the end.
Op Out

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