Fort Pain 12.23.2020

A record breaking 18 men showed up in the gloom for a Fort Pain beat down from Foosball!
@Tiny Dancer @Pancreas @2Buck @Pre-K @Cosmo @Operation @Three’s Company @Heidi @Hot N Ready @Fertile Myrtle @Dipstick @Dizzy Gillespie @Joey Freshwater @Kwame @Sully @hazmat YHC and welcome FNG @landmind 
– 20 SSH – ic 
– 20 Squats – ic
– 15 slo Merks – ic
– Baby Arm circles and back backs – 20 – ic
– willie-m-Hayes – oyo 
– 30 4ct high knees – ic
– 20 low plank reaches 4ct -ic
The Thang
Laps around the Raceway
Pit Stop #1 – 30 burpees
#2 – 30 v-ups
#3 – 60 1ct shoulder taps
#4 – 30 crab toe touches (missed in first lap, made up on second)
#5 – 30-30-30 – close, mediums, wide merkins
We did two laps and had a break for some fun… I meant some run. 
Partner up, #1 Squat Jumping #2 is sprinting to the entrance of the fort and back. Rotate. Each partner sprints 3 times. 
15 bug boys and flutter kicks til the 6. x2
@Pre-K pushing it this morning, specially on the sprints. Moving like an “avalanche”
@landmine coming out for his first post and crushing it
All that pax, pushing each other. No one person was/is in this alone. 
– new Ruck AO starting in the new year. Name to be determined during COT
– @Kwame has armory – bring a coupon 
– Spring Hill resurgence on Jan 1 at 6am
Prayer Requests
– for the family of the mother and son who passed away in the recent car accident and the first responders on the scene. 
– all families who’s holidays that are being impacted by c19. Specifically, @Tiny Dancer ‘s father, @2Buck father in law, @Cosmo ‘s dad, and others. 
– Continued prayers for Mike Fennema’s family and opportunity to serve in prepping the house. 
– Compassion for the world at this time, to turn towards Jesus as a rock a d guiding light. 
Inspired by Brandon Lake’s Wildflowers song. Overall an amazing song by an amazing artist. Here is an clip:
“Planted deep and taking hold
From thе soil, Your life unfolds
Some things only love can grow
Blooming free without control
Colors of Your love explode like
Wildflowers in my soul”
We must be reminded that Gods love resides within our soul. It’s not something we control or decide. As you recognize this, you allow yourself to be taken by it, inspired by it. That love then overflows into your life and relationships. 
It’s a pleasure to lead you men. We grow together.

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