Fort Pain – 12.1.21


Fort Pain

12.1.21 | Fort Pain | 11 PAX | Immaculate Morning
@shocker @Christmas Underoos @Commodore @Joey Freshwater @Three’s Company @Ginsu @Jalisco @Reset @Offsides FNG @Monte Cristo and YHC.
11 PAX recognized HIM do not merely come into existence, but are made. And every moment offers an opportunity. 45 minutes were given to those who refused to chose the comfort of their Ms cuddles.
Warm o Rama
SSH, WHM, Shoulder exercises (bacs, claps, and some rotation stuff)
Pit stop to get a few runners lunges
Burpee Ladder
On the baseline of the highlands of Pain de Fort, and cones lined up every 20 yards. Burpee ladder, but lets stay up.
Starting at 1, we added a burpee each cone, and alternated between bear crawls and sprints as MOT
Once finished, sprint up to the path or tree, then pick up the 6
@underoos can't count
All PAX sprint to the top
Partner Loops
1 partner runs and the other works. Work alternates between: 1) Mtn climbers w/ jump squats 2) shoulder taps and merks
We add a few variations in here. If you're really interested, call me, beep me.
same partners: one is running wind sprints and the other is working. Work alternates bewteen: 1) Alternating Foosies 2) V-Ups
Take notice that those who have achieved great success, dominate their professions, aren't too concerned about the act of winning. But more about perfecting the basics, perfecting themselves. Posidonius spoke about, as Stoics, their goal is to “BE BEST” not “BE THE BEST” We are after self mastery and maximizing our own potential.
So stop. stop comparing yourself to others successes. Focus on yourself, your internal work. Which provides the conditions for YOU to BE BEST.

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