Fort Pain – 11.17.21

PAX @Night Light @Pancreas@Cosmo@Foosball (3rdFQ)@Operation@Blackout@Reset@Corncob@Ünerdoose
YHC @Jalisco
Thang 1
1-5-1 merkin and 1pull up burpee after every rep
Thang 2
Run to the amphitheater and did increase by 10’s ,20,30,40,50 and down
(2ct) hammers
(2ct) JLO’s
Q create confusion here( sorry) xtracredits for all the pax that did the more core work
Thang 3
Mosey to bottom of the hill by pewee house
20,40,60,80,100 of this on every no parking sign
MOT bear crawl up to the house
Top -flutter kicks (1 Ct)
Bottom mountain climber (1ct)
At the 40 spot we can heard the discomfort, We made it to the 60 spot I believe @Night Light complete this set
Mosey back to the flags for cot

Columbia ceremony
Armory still on
2nd F Arrington
New SB AO Friday 5:30
Turkey CSAUP next Thursday more details to come.

Roos trip and process AVF
Noa (cosmos M friend ) kidnapped
Jalisco 2.0 recover and Thomas heart operation ( cancer )
From @MapQuest M book
If you want a friend be a friend!
It simply means that when you are loyal and faithful as a friend, you will attract more friends who are loyal and faithful to you. This is how F3 work when we were and FNG’s and show this to the pax you be able to develop more relationships.
Thanks for hanging out with me today alway hard and a privilege to lead such a a great grip of HIM:wolf:

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