Fort Pain – 1.13.2021

Because Operation Was Getting Bored
14 PAX braved the sub-20 degree weather to prove to Operation that Fort Pain is not called Fort Fluffy.
@Ginsu @Pre-K @2Buck @Fertile Myrtle @Lone Star @Tiny Dancer @Chowdah @Peewee @Pancreas @Foosball @Cosmo @Three’s Company (not @Kwame) and….. @Operation.
QIC: Heidi
Conditions:  Butt-numbing cold
Arm Circles
Good Mornings
Low-n-slow Squats
Thang 1
Black Jack:
Start in the street by the flag pole. Perform 1 Burpee – run across the grass to the sidewalk – perform 20 LBCs.
Run on the path around the flag pole and do 2 Burpees. Run back for 19 LBCs.
Repeat until you do 20 Burpees and 1 LBCs.
Early finishers fall in with someone who isn't finished and exercise alongside them until done. RnR if necessary until all in.
(Side note: I originally planned for Merkins instead of Burpees, but Operation thought that was too fluffy.)
We actually didn't have any finishers, as the Q called time so we could move on to….
Thang 2:
Burp, Push, Squat, Crunch AMRAP
AMRAP of 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 squats, 20 LBCs;
repeat for 10 minutes
(Side note: This was originally only going to be 5 minutes, but Operation thought that was too fluffy.)
CSAUPs: I've started planning for the Cannonball Run. The date has been set for March 6th, look for a planning session to be set up in the next week or so. Pancreas is also working on Crucible (sometime in April)
Time for the PAX to start getting serious about the Tough Ruck!
Praise for TD's family being COVID free, and for his dad's continued recovery.
Good work today men! Feel free to take out any frustrations from today's beatdown on Operation. It's all his fault. I actually had a 45 minute stretching Q planned until he opened his mouth.

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