Fort Pain – 1.12.22

10 PAX came to get better: @Underoos@Blackout@Sully@Peewee (TRAPP)@Jalisco@Procter@Three’s Company@Aflac@Tiny Dancer, and your 3 minute late Q @Cross-Stitch
Warmo: 30 burpees
  • Dora 1 – 200 Merkins, lunge walk down and back (approx. 60 yards)
  • Dora 2 – 250 squats, bear crawl down and back
  • Dora 3 – 300 SSHs, sprint down and back
  • Rinse and repeat till time.
Announcements: check slack
  • @2Buck is having swag order out till Friday for that #muletown
  • Check with AOQ to make sure which AOs are open during Beacon Hill Friday
  • Beacon Hill is Friday and Harvey Park
Prayers: @Tiny Dancer – heat is malfunctioning and kids are quarantined due to covid.
  • Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant leader, he was born a man and became a servant.
  • Judged by the legacy of service we leave behind
  • Is our leadership creating growth in others

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